Its time to enjoy the view of galaxy s5 you envy on your galaxy y . That is only possible by touchwiz resurrection . This has been released a month ago but with some bugs . So i waited all this time just to bring you the bug free version . And i tried it before posting it here . Let me tell u i love it and you will tooo .
Source : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2778909
Developer : aniket.lamba

                   Touchwiz-Resurrected ROM is a stock-based ROM which provides a new gingerbread user experience. This ROM breaks the barrier of gingerbread's limits, providing a new "era" of modifications. There are many special features combined with perfect theme defining it as a unique ROM. Every little detail is themed from resources taken from original Galaxy S5 framework and apps. What makes it more special is the perfect compatible combination of the three main parts of a ROM : Theme, Features and Performance.


I am not responsible for bricked devices or broken hearts. You cannot blame me for bricking your dear device. Please do some research if you have concerns about the features included in this mod. Follow the steps carefully, and you may successfully install this mod.

Screenshots :

 Features :

Ultimate Galaxy S5 Features
1. Immedeately clear RAM on Recents Panel.
2. Settings with 2 options :
- Tabbed Settings.
- ListView Settings.
3. Custom Lockscreen Animations.
4. LifeCompanion Text on lockscreen Updated :
- Colorable CompanionText.
- Sizeable CompanionText.
5. Customizable Toggle Text Color
- Notifications panel.
- Expanded panel.
6. Show/Hide Toggle Text
- Notifications panel.
- Expanded panel.
7. Show/Hide Recents quick buttons.
8. MultiWindow Option.
9. FullScreen apps.
10. Redesigned Whole framework.
11. Ported Galaxy S5 KOT49H.G9009DKEU1ANCC framework layouts.
12. Made New Memo App.
13. Lockscreen Music Control.
14. Show/hide Music control on lockscreen.
15. New S5 Launcher.
16. Tons of new S5 High quality resources used.
17. Redesigned Music App.
18. Redesigned Settings.
19. Redesigned Dialer.
20. Redesigned Contacts.
21. Redesigned Statusbar .
22. Use of several Galaxy S5 layouts inside StatusBar.
23. Statusbar Bg Changes to blueish gradient in most apps.
24. Edited Gradient style of StatusBar.
25. Hide/Show Brightness bar in statusbar.
26. Edited the scripts for better performance.
27. Much more to mention...
28. You will be very amazed of the work we have done in this ROM so please enjoy it after this installation!

 Download :

Rom : here

Pre -Requisities : -

1. A rooted android mobile. If you dont know how to root , know it here 
2. You need to have clockwork mod recovery installed . Check this article to install it and to know how to use it to install custom ROM
3. Now you have to go through your phone and enable Unknown sources in settings >applications>unknown sources and also enable USB debugging from settings>applications>development>USB debugging .
4. I recommend you to have atleast have 70 % charging before starting this procedure .

How To Install :-

1. Connect your android mobile to pc and copy the file to the root of your sd card (root means copy to sd card do not store in any folder) .
2. Now take out your android and then make sure you have already rooted and battery is atleast 70% charged .
3. Now shut down your mobile and boot to recovery mode (i.e., press volume up button+menu button+ power button while starting the mobile .) 
4. Here select wipe data /reset and select yes when prompted . Also select wipe cache partition and select yes.
5. Now select Install from sd card and then select update from sd card .
6. Here select the Touchwiz resurrected V1.zip you have copied from pc and select yes when prompted .
7. You will enter aroma package . Follow instructions and install the rom .
8. After installation , it again goes to main menu where you select reboot now .
9. This time reboot takes 5-10 minutes and dont panic when it takes that much time .
10. You have succesfully instaled your custom ROM on mobile .

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  1. Nice work brother ..,
    I had a query -
    In the xda thread they have two versions
    v1 & v1.1. So which is the one u've posted...
    & keep up the awesome work! !

    Currently using
    ROM - MIUI v3.3
    Tweaks - Fly-On mod