We need cyanogen mod for galaxy Y . So many roms came for this purpose . This is also one of it . But with some bugs .. Very much less than most of those made upto now . So you can use it and enjoyy unofficial cm for galaxy y ...


I have no responsible for your device if anything goes wrong!

Screenshots : 

Features :

  • Statusbar 
  • Lockscreen
  • 11 Different Lockscreen Styles (Sliding Tab, Rotary, Lense, Ring, Honeycomb (beta), Circular (alpha), Sense (beta), ICS Ring (alpha), Jb Ring (alpha, JB GlowPad (Alpha) and Bebek Ring (alpha))
  • LCD Density
  • Input
  • Quick Key Behavior
  • Enable/Disable Vibrate on Shutdown
  • Explorer Key
  • Power Menu
  • Show/Hide Power menu/Silent/Airplane/Profile/Screenshot/Power saver/Hibernate/Suspend Toggles
  • Fonts
  • Change Fonts System
  • Change Fonts Type
  • OverScroll
  • Effect
  • Color
  • Weight
  • Core Replacer
  • Change System Apk
  • Change Framework Apk/Jar
  • Boot/Shutdown animation and Sound
  • Preview
  • Change Bootanimation
  • Change Shutdownanimation
  • Change Bootsound

What's not working:

USB tethering
FM Radio (Not tested)
HW (Partially)

Known Bugs:

Update: New kernel will fix the settings problem. Expect me.
Settings appears to be black (working around). 
Phone answer ring seems to be missed (working around).Fix by using menu key to answer phone call.
You tell me

Download : 

Rom : here
EXT4 tool : here

G apps : here

Pre -Requisities : -

1. (RECOMMENDED) Be on a stock ROM, installation will be cleaner . Go here for installing Stock rom http://ilovegalaxyy.blogspot.in/2013/02/how-to-repair-bricked-android-mobile.html
2. A rooted android mobile. If you dont know how to root , know it here 
3. You need to have clockwork mod recovery installed . Check this article to install it and to know how to use it to install custom ROM
4. Now you have to go through your phone and enable Unknown sources in settings >applications>unknown sources and also enable USB debugging from settings>applications>development>USB debugging .
5. I recommend you to have atleast have 70 % charging before starting this procedure .

Installation Guide:

  • Download THIS EXT4 tool, the Kernel and the Rom on your device.
  • Flash on Samsung recovery (or your recovery if you are not on stock), my temp. CWM.
  • When you are on the Temp. CWM, flash the EXT4 Formatter tool, so whole system will be converted to EXT4. (Stock filesystem is RFS)
  • After the installation, flash my kernel you have downloaded before.
  • When the Kernel is installed, go, on the CWM, to advanced --> reboot recovery (this will reboot the device, and turn it on on the new CWM of kernel)
  • Wipe data, cache and dalvik
  • (IMPORTANT) Go to mounts and storage, and make sure system is mounted (will show unmounted) mount it 2 times!
  • Go to install zip from SD Card, choose zip from SD card and install your CyanMobile. (MAKE SURE installation last more than 5 seconds, if is less than 5 secodns, your system is unmounted! repeate step 8).
  • Mount the System again and install GApps.
  • After installation, go back and reboot system, if you made it good, ROM boots, so no problem on it.

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