This is an aroma flasher that helps the user to choose what bloatware they would like to remove easily . Bloatware are system apps you don't need but take so much space . So you can remove them if you like easily with this fash file . So enjoyyy .

Source : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2632355
Developer : the_pirate_predator

First of all, I know you would say that this script has been already made and you will try to report it to moderators that I am repeating :D but no one has made an aroma flashable installer in any of the xda thread and nothing has been made like this for any of the devices. Even though it is present, it is not user choosable. It just deletes blocks of applications and can sometimes be even without your notice.

  • Added aroma
  • Added busybox
  • User choice on removing apps
  • Overcame aroma scripts limitation
  • Only deletable apps are shown to maintain stability


Link : here

Pre -Requisities : -

1. A rooted android mobile. If you dont know how to root , know it here 
2. You need to have clockwork mod recovery installed . Check this article to install it and to know how to use it to install custom ROM

Installation Instructions:

  • Make sure your device is rooted and binaries are up to date.
  • Download signed_OTX_BLOAT.zip and ClockWorkMod provided.
  • Copy it in the root of the sd card.
  • Now reboot and access recovery mode.
  • Now flash ClockWorkMod and mount everything.
  • Now select "install zip from sd card" and click signed_OTX_BLOAT.zip and install it.
  • You are asked to select the files to be deleted in 11 checkbox selectable pages because of the limitation of aroma script.
  • If you don't want to delete anything in a particular page, just click next and proceed.
  • After uninstalling, reboot your device.

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