Kitkat is released and i poted some kitkat themed roms . But this is the pure and perfect kitkat rom ever . You can check - the white font and transparent screen gives you perfect theme on a galaxy y

Features :

  • Sleek and Smooth CyanoCream Framework in KITKAT Taste.
  • KITKAT new white and clean looks
  • More control on hands Tabbed Settings.
  • Settings with in built features like : Cpu Frequency Control,Gallery Lock,BenchMark,System app Installer, etc..
  • Cyanogenmod 11 File Manager.
  • Android 4.4 Status Bar With Some CyanoCream Touch Ups.
  • Stylish Android 4.4 Flat Icons with a stock icon option too.
  • Awesome slide transition animation
  • Android 4.4 Desk Clock and Clock Widgets with a touch of Transparency.
  • CyanoCream Transparent Dialer with HD Caller screen Images support.
  • CyanoCream Transparent Ui Contacts with HD Contacts Images.
  • Android 4.4 Calender with Agenda options too.
  • Cool Transparent Android 4.4 Memo.
  • Awesome Transparent Android 4.4 FM Radio.
  • Fast, Simple, Sleek Presenting CyanoCream Camera.
  • All Google Apps updated to Latest Version.
  • Modified Gapps to look like KITKAT Apps
  • Transparent Messaging app with multiple theme support.
  • Transparent Themed Calculator, Task Manager, Dialer, Contacts, Messaging, Clock, F.M.Radio, etc..
  • All new CyanoWallpapers app with more than all new 50 wallpapers.

Tweaked and SuperCharged

  • Adrenaline Engine 4.4
  • Loopy Smoothness.
  • SysInit.
  • Journaling.
  • Journalism Off.
  • Kick Ass Kernelised
  • Dis_Norm_Sleeper.
  • V6 Super cahrger Script
  • Sqlite_Optimizer.
  • 3g Turbo Boost
  • Wifi After Burner
  • Mobile Bravia Engine 3
  • CyanoCream Sound Manager with Dobly Sound
  • 18 Local.prop Tweaks
  • 20 Build.prop Tweaks(Quick 3G, AdBlocker, Image Clarity Tweaks etc.)

Special built-in Features

  • Only Settings app for galaxy y with features to control cpu, Hide photos and videos replace system apps , command using terminal emulator , chainfire 3-d, all these packaged in the settings apps woooo
  • AROMA INSTALLER customize your installation while installation
  • The first KITKAT based Rom for GalxAy Y
  • All Apps Modified to look like android 4.4 with a bit of transparency all over the ui to get it a royal look 
  • Falt and clean icon giving a more sleek and premium look if you don't like them a additional stock icon packs are included.



Rom : here

Update : 1
Update : 2
Update : 3.1

Pre -Requisities : -

1. A rooted android mobile. If you dont know how to root , know it here 
2. You need to have clockwork mod recovery installed . Check this article to install it and to know how to use it to install custom ROM
3. Now you have to go through your phone and enable Unknown sources in settings >applications>unknown sources and also enable USB debugging from settings>applications>development>USB debugging .
4. I recommend you to have atleast have 70 % charging before starting this procedure .

How to Install :

1. Connect your android mobile to pc and copy the file to the root of your sd card (root means copy to sd card do not store in any folder) .
2. Now take out your android and then make sure you have already rooted and battery is atleast 70% charged .
3. Now shut down your mobile and boot to recovery mode (i.e., press volume up button+menu button+ power button while starting the mobile .) 
4. Then flash the Cyanocream V4.zip  . DONT WIPE ANYTHING NOW
5. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION AND First install stock kernel and Reboot......
6. Now you will have the stock on rebooting into recovery again
7. Go to CMWrecovery by flashing the CmwRecovery.zip
8. In CmwRecovery first mount every ting(data+cache+system) by going into mount & stoage option
9. Again flash the zip this time choose to install WhiteXp kernel and Reboot .
10. On reboot you will see a permanent CmwReovery

Now Follow Carefully
1. First mount every thing(data+cache+system) under mount and storage
2. Wipe dalvik cache & battery stats under Advanced
3. Again mount every thing(data+cache+system) under mount and storage
4. Then Wipe Data and the Cache
5. Again mount every thing(data+cache+system) under mount and storage
6. Under Mount And Storage Option Format :
7. Then Again mount every thing(data+cache+system) under mount and storage
8. Flash The rom zip and this time chose CyanoCream rom
9. Wait for it to finish
10. On completion reboot

1. You will have boot animation twice only for first time and Smile its done
2. The hangouts will give a forceclose on first boot it happens only on first boot so its not a problem

For Updating :-
1. Download the update files and copy them to root of sd card .
2. Now boot to recovery mode and install them one by one as you installed custom rom .
3. After installing all of them , your custom rom is perfect .......

Installation video :

If the instructions are not clear you can follow the video here posted by MobileManiacs

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