This is another good launcher with all the features of adw , holo and many others . It also has a new technique in which you can change the style of dock bar as you like . Use this and dont forget to try different docks .

What is myHome? myHome is a new launcher that is extremely fast and powerful. It was built towards making slow stock phone faster. Since Android powered devices can get really bogged down and slow because of all of the apps, the Android launcher can become slow as well. Well, myHome is here to fix that. myHome will replace your default launcher with itself. Doing so will turn your bogged down and slow phone into a quicker to use device. Sort of like it is brand new! Besides replacing the default Android launcher, it has many new features. Such as Internal Themes, many settings/options, and in-app Auto Updating!

myHome was recently featured in the portal on XDA!

One of myHome Pro's biggest features is it's Internal Theming. Using myHome Pro, you can replicate any Android OS. Thats right! myHome has a special theme to replicate every OS Android has made! Such as Froyo, Gingerbread, Eclair, Donut, and even HoneyComb!

myHome Pro Features:

✩ Extremely Fast & Smooth
✩ Internal Themes
✩ Replicate any Android OS!
✩ 3-5 Screens Available
✩ Choose Default Screen
✩ Hide Notification bar
✩ Hide Labels
✩ Tutorials and Help
✩ Nexus App Drawer
✩ Supports All Sources of Wallpapers
✩ Supports Live Wallpapers
✩ App Dock
✩ Scrollable Widgets
✩ Re-Sizable Widgets
✩ Small .APK file size
✩ And Much More!

Tips and Tricks:
✩Read myHome Change-logs
✩ To access settings, long click on a desktop and click settings
✩To create your own themes for myHome, visit our website
✩ For support be sure to send us an email
✩ Be patient. myHome is a new launcher!

Be sure to exclude and ignore myHome from any Task Killer. If you are using myHome and kill the app from any Task Killer, myHome will hang your apps and run slow!

Download :

Apk File : here


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