This is just a set of popular tweaks which you would like to install . You can install any of those you like in your android device ....
Source : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2489852
Developer : DC07

What actually this package contains?

1.Beats Audio by RockoDev
2.Vulpix MOD
3.Supermacy Tweaks
4.Prototype Optimiztion
5.Kuro Bass
6.Bravia Engine
7.Skrilex Tweaks
8.Fly On MOD (Stock)
9.Fly On MOD (CM)
10.Lovins Scripts


Tweak pack : here
Uninstaller : here

Pre Requisities : 

  • 2MB free space in /system partition
  • Atleast 1-5MB free on your /data partition
  • Cmw and root already installed . To root go here and for cmw go here

Steps For Installation

1.Copy Zip To SD
2.Reboot Recovery
3.Select zip
4.Entering AROMA
5.Select MIUI Purple Theme By DC07
6.Choose The Scrips U Wanna Install
7.Do Fix Permissions...............
8.DOne........... :P

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