Presenting a mixture..... which will enhance both your Audio and Graphics to their extreme level!!!
Developer : D_Rising_Pheonix


- Clear sound
- No more track noise
- It offers more powerful and closed bass
- Efficient even with stock headphones
- Improves a lot the audio call
- Enhance the speakers for playing music without headphones in high quality
Try it and find out what's missing features!!

- Enable GPU rendernig
- Use the GPU for the management of the touch
- Improve video HW render
- It allows you to play ported ARMV7 games without lags problems
- Increase scores on the AnTuTu graphic rank
- Eliminates lag system with the generator of video entropy
- Liquify the UI


Tweaks : here
uninstall : here

Pre Requisities : 

  • 2MB free space in /system partition
  • Atleast 1-5MB free on your /data partition
  • Cmw and root already installed . To root go here and for cmw go here

Directions to flash:

1.-shutdown ur cell.
2.-press and hold volume up button+home+power button. u ll be on stock recovery now.
3.-flash cwm zip(GO TO CWM NOW) 
4.-mount system and data
5.-flash the zip (signed rocking.zip) and reboot

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