Many custom roms are being posted everyday . But it would be superb feeling if you can create your own custom rom with the features you liked . This is a simple way in which you can take a base rom , mix some apps you like and make your own custom rom by using an app for computer .

Note :

This is for personal use only . You can create and use your own custom rom . But do not share it in public . As there would be many copyright violations 


  • ADD & Remove System Applications
  • Init.d Tweaks
  • Edit Updater-script
  • Build Prop Editor
  • Change Rom Kernels
  • Build Prop Presets
  • Zip Align all System Applications
  • ADD Google Apps to Rom
  • Sign Roms
  • Change Boot Animation
  • Download Source from Github
  • ADD & Remove Data Applications
  • ADD & Remove Ringtones
  • ADD & Remove Notifications
  • Add Superuser APK and Binary
  • Move System Apps to Data Folder
  • Pull any System/Data/Ringtone File from the Rom
  • Automatic Zip and Unzip of Any Rom
  • *New*Search Feature


Rom Maker : here


1. Download the attached zip file . extract it . 
2. Open rom maker .exe .
3. Select any rom as base rom you like most and which is most stable .
4. Add some apps or remove some apps in system apps as well as user apps .
5. Complete it and try your little rom ....Enjoyyyyyyyyyy .
6. If you know about kernels and init.d tweaks , you can also change those and try it .

& IMP : Dont forget to make a nandroid backup before trying the rom you prepared on your mobile 


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