This is a superb app and a new way for us to know the notifications in our galaxy y . Try it . It also have many themes which you could set depending on your mood . .


- The double tap threshold refers to the amount of time in milliseconds between taps. So if you set it to 1000 it will wait one second for your second tap before it brings up the text.

Issues which can not be fixed
- Sometimes clicking the notification text the app doesn't launch for a few seconds
- Notifications will not disappear from your notification bar as this is not something that can be done unless you are on 4.3. However if you open the an app the floating notification for that app will automatically close.
- Sense 5.0 has a bug which means when any accessibility service is enabled the lockscreen unlocks with any touch. This should be fixed in the most recent HTC update.

If you receive no notifications
Do you have other accessibility services enabled? If so disable them, enable Floating Notifications, then re enable them.

My phone has started reading to me
If you're on a Samsung device see here for a variety of possible fixes (This is a Samsung bug) - https://code.google.com/p/android/is...etail?id=23105
If you're not then ensure TalkBack is disabled, preferably uninstall/freeze it if you don't use it


Google Play : here
Apk : here
Themes : here


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