This is a touch screen keyboard for android devices with about 7 major indian languages . Other languages will be added soon too . Try it . It is awesome ........


Sparsh is a Touch-Screen Keyboard for Indian languages developed for Android devices.
* Its simple, efficient and allows inputting any Indian language character with a single slide motion.
* Has a base keyboard layout with a popup keyboard for characters based on fundamental characters.
* Select a base letter, slide across the popup keyboard to select and input the desired character.
* Please note there is a half letter character for every consonant in the popup keyboard.

Following keyboards are supported with dictionary support:

- Hindi Keyboard
- English Keyboard
- Tamil Keyboard
- Telugu Keyboard
- Kannada Keyboard
- Malayalam Keyboard
- Marathi Keyboard
For this solution to work, the device must support Indian language font rendering.
The keyboard has been developed for Android devices running on version 2.1 and above.

Download : 

Google Play : here


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