I had already posted this one . But now this is fully completed and perfectly working version . Many users tried and are fully satisfied with this . This is your turn now ............
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I am not responsible for bricked devices or broken hearts. You cannot blame me for bricking your dear device. Please do some research if you have concerns about the features included in this mod. Follow the steps carefully, and you may successfully install this mod.

Welcome to Hyperion 8!

JellyBean experience at its best 
Everything you love about Hyperion and JellyBean — the gorgeous UI , fast and fluid performance, battery life — is everything you’ll love about the new Hyperion, too. And you can have the best of both it in one ROM.

A ROMworthy of all Galaxy Y 
Fast performance, superb stability, mouth watering UI, useful features — It's something for everyone. And Everything!
Incredible performance 
Known for its fast, fluid performance, Hyperion doesn’t disappoint. It features 23 powerful and power-efficient CPU governors and 4 I/O Scheduler, which makes everything you do feel smooth and natural. Hyperion wouldn't be Hyperion without incredible battery life. Even with so much performance packed into such a small space, it still lasts up to 4 days on a single charge*. So you can read, watch, play, write, and create whatever you want, as long as you want. 
*battery life based on moderate usage with all radios turned on at default policy settings
Hyperion 8 highlights - Pre GM build

Total ear-gasm: ALSA (AlsaProject) + Beats Audio Engine v2
We combined and tuned up two sound engines for superb sound quality when listening to music. This time, sound enhancements are activated at startup without the use of DSP Manager. What does that mean? No more force close when you connect/disconnect mass storage mode on PC. 

Mouth watering pixel goodness
Like JellyBean looks but sluggish like old granny? Worry no more! Hyperion 8 combines JellyBean UI and transparency into a piece of art. We don't simply take frameworks, systemUI and put it in a blender. We make sure we put "what belongs together". 

Project butter Hyperion style
We combined all the best tweaks out there for a superb super smooth UI. Others would say "No! That's not real! Project butter is JB only", yes that is correct if you can't read between the lines 

More juice more fun! 
We hate running out of juice as much as you do, so we made sure you can get the most of your battery. We put 23 CPU governors and 5 IO schedulers to tame that nasty CPU! And with deep sleep? Your phone will get more sleep than you do! -well at least for me this is a true statement


If you cannot install this properly and incase you brick your mobile , here is tutorial to repair it and make it work properly .


Hyperion 8 Build 2 : here
Build 1 : here
Old Version : here


Step 1: Prepare your phone

  • Backup all your contents to your computer
  • Sync all your contacts, calendars and other data to you Google Account
  • Remove all EXT partitions in your SD card using Mini Tool Partition Wizard

Step 2: Revert to stock ROM

  • Flash stock ROM from your region using Odin. If you need help on how to flash stock ROM using Odin, read my Guide to flash rom with odin . 
  • After flashing, leave your device for 1-2 minutes to completely boot up. 
  • Connect your device to your computer and put it to USB Mass Storage mode and copy TempCWM.zip and Hyperion zip package that you want to install to your SD card.
  • After copying, turn off your phone and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Flash Hyperion

  • Boot to Android System Recovery mode by pressing volume up key + home button + power key for 3 seconds or untill you see the Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 screen.
  • After that, immediately release the keys and press it again until the recovery shows up.
  • In recovery, select install zip from sd card.
  • After that, select TempCWM.zip from the list.
  • After that, you will then see ClockWorkMod Recovery with texts in yellow color.
  • In ClockWorkMod Recovery, select mounts and storage.
  • Mount /system, /data, cache.
  • Go back by pressing the power button or the back key.
  • Select advanced and debugging.
  • Select wipe dalvik cache and wipe batterystats.bin (optional).
  • Go back by pressing the power button or the back key.
  • Select wipe data/factory reset.
  • Select wipe cache.
  • Select install zip from sd card.
  • Select choose zip from sd card.
  • Select Hyperion zip package (eg. HYPERION-8.PRE-GM.BUILD.02.zip).
  • After flashing, reboot your phone.


  • Boot time make take 1-5 minutes from stock ROM
  • If coming from other custom ROMs, boot time may take from 5 - 10 minutes (specially if you wiped dalvik cache)
  • If you don't wipe dalvik cache, you will get "Application not installed" every time you install an app.
  • You know you are stuck in boot logo if it stays there for more than 10 minutes! Be real! 10 minutes is enough to cook an instant noodle and eat it while its hot! 


  • You flashed Hyperion directly from a custom ROM with a custom kernel.
  • You flashed Hyperion directly from stock Android System Recovery. That means you didn't use TempCWM to flash Hyperion.


  • You flashed Hyperion directly from stock Android System Recovery. That means you didn't use TempCWM to flash Hyperion.

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