I had already posted 2 methods of how to download google play apps directly to pc . This is the latest method and 100% working . I had also checked it .

Instructions :

1. First ,you need to have the latest and updated version of google chrome on your computer . If you have it installed , update it to latest version . If you dont have chrome installed, download it from here

2. Now you have to install the app device ID on your smart phone from google play . I am posting the download link here along with apk file .
APK FILE :                      DEVICE ID

3. After installing the device id , open it and then you will have login name and device id .( If you didnt get it , you possibly didnt register google play on your mobile . Register it first .)

4. Now go to apkdownloader site from here .Then  click on Click Here to Download now and the Google Chrome extension file will be downloaded as you can see in the Image below.

4. After Downloading the file just go to Google Chrome Extensions,you can go to Google Chrome Extensions by pressing Ctrl + H it will open up browser History then on the left side Navigation bar you will see Extensions just click on it and it will open the extensions page.Then just Drag and Drop the Google Chrome Extension file which you downloaded and then it will ask you to Confirm New Extension just click on Add as you can see in the Image below.

6. It will ask you permission and press continue ,then you will get a window like this .

7. Here paste the login id and device id you got from your phone (refer point 4) and give your password and press login.

8. Now it will ask you country and mobile network . After filling them , click save changes and it is activated.

9. Now you may go to google paly and click on any app you want and athere would be a symbol like this as shown i the figure in your address bar at the right .

10. Click on it and your required apk is downloaded right away . It is 100% working . And if you have any doubts , dont hesitate to ask me.

(NOTE :- But this cannot be used to download any paid apps.)

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  1. thanks bro.it is working 100%.I love this site very much.

  2. really nice............i love this website..pls follow this who have android devices ^_^