Fast File Transfer is an alternative for Bluetooth file sending.
The app uses Wi-Fi Tethering for establishing a connection between the devices but does not need the Internet.

Due to its high speed, this technology is especially recommended for sending big files.

Reviews :

"A new era of file sharing" - appszoom.com
"The beauty of this utility is its simplicity" - redmondpie.com


• Up to 20x speed of bluetooth
• Easy to setup
• The receiver is device-independent
• No need for a common Wi-Fi connection
• No data usage for file transfer (Just for advertisements)
• The receiver does not have to have the app installed
• Send single or multiple files
• Displays QR codes for faster receiving
Just tap the instruction image
• Use NFC for pairing (in beta stage)
Using this app, you can easily send a file to an iPhone or any other phone that does not have Bluetooth but Wi-Fi.

How To use :

Simply tap "Share via" in any file explorer or in the gallery app, choose this app and follow the on-screen instructions.
How to send multiple files?
Just select multiple files in your file explorer and tap "Send via" (or similar) -> "Fast File Transfer"
In some file explorers first tap "Send via" in the menu, choose this app and then your files.
I don't want to always enter the address on the receiver's phone!
Use the built-in QR codes or
Save a bookmark:
Send multiple files once and add a bookmark to the file index page in your web browser. Later just open this bookmark to receive files.
Where can I change the password and username?
Open the app from the launcher. The instruction screen will appear. Now press the menu button and choose "Settings".

Download :

Google Play : here
Apk File : here

SCreenshots :

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