Jellyblast v3 became a big hit and it is the most popular post in this blog . Thats why the creater AvijitGhosh82 is trying to create other rom and also posted another update to jellyblast which is preview to his next rom NEMESIS . Thats why this is called PRE-NEMESIS . So install this and have a taste of NEMESIS before it is launched .........

What is changed : 

1.Smoother framework.
2.New toggles from CM7 ICS theme
3.New ICS clock app
4.Inbuilt JellyBean Lockscreen
5.Creed parts replaced with Lidroid parts
6.New NEMESIS BETA launcher (  launcher just for Samsung Galaxy Y with widgets in App Drawer, and more...)
7.Creed parts replaced with Lidroid parts
8.All Black on black bugs fixed

Launcher options : 

  • Widgets built in App Drawer
  • Dock bar 7 style
  • Smooth working
  • Fast Desktop wallpaper changing with option button

Download :

OTA 5 [pre-nemesis] : here

Installation :

1. First go here and install jellyblast v3 along with 4 ota updates .
2. Then download the given file above and copy it to sdcard .
3. Now go to cmw recovery mode and select "choose zip from scard "
4. Select the file you downloaded and wait for it to complete .
5. Then reboot and enjoyyyyyyyyyy.

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  1. Replies
    1. Actually , 4th update is the last one . 5th update is a trailer of the upcoming custom rom nemesis hybrid . There fore 6th update is custom rom . When ever a stable version comes for it , i will post it .

  2. I like it :)
    sorry if there are still bugs ?
    or it fix ?

    1. it is a beta version for next version of jellyblast rom . So there may be bugs . If you dont want bugs , just use the 4 updates and leave it there