This is a rom which has everything .
Source : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2065305
Developer : InfectedDarkDroids


I am not responsible for bricked devices or broken hearts. You cannot blame me for bricking your dear device. Please do some research if you have concerns about the features included in this mod. Follow the steps carefully, and you may successfully install this mod.

Screenshots :


  • New moded touchwiz5 launcher with Neox icons
  • 15 toogle transparent statusbar with swipe to remove
  • Music player with transparent music widget.
  • New phone ringing sounds,
  • Alarm sounds, notification sounds. 
  • New ui sounds and added 3 ui sounds from Hyperion rom. Thanks Carl Dean Catabay
  • Ics analog clock, Ics minimal clock & Transparent analog clock
  • Digital clock & Digital weather clock 
  • Deodexed
  • Prerooted
  • Preinstalled CF3D
  • No frills cpu controller 
  • Removed bootanimation and bootsound for reducing boot time.
  • bootup takes time because of the functioning of kernel. 
  • The kernel needs to excute many files when the bootup starts.


  • Added bunch of build.prop tweaks
  • Init.d script added for undervolting
  • Default undervolt value increased to -120mV-Init.d script added for undervolting

Internet tweaks:

  • Increased download/upload/3G speeds

Power and battery saver:

  • Allows the phone to sleep better and Saves power when phone is sleep
  • Allows your wifi to scan less, saving more battery

Touch senstivity:

  • Increased Scrolling Responsiveness
  • Increases overal touch responsivenss

Media tweaks:

  • -Makes streaming videos stream faster
  • -Increases quality of photo and videos
  • -Raises quality of JPEG images
  • -Better camera and video taking results

System tweaks:

  • -Makes your phone an HD effect fitting a little more on the screen
  • -To make the phone ring faster when dialing out


  • -Less RAM usage through zipalign & Automatic Zipalign On Startup.
  • -sqlite optimizing & Ram Optimizes On Startup
  • -Increase touchscreen sensitivity
  • -Faster disk access through remount script.
  • -Overall Better Performance and Battery Life.
  • -Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access.
  • -Automatic Cache And Junk Cleanup
  • -loopy smoothness tweak
  • -Screenstate_Scaling tweak
  • -Live wallpapers hack in order to make them smoother
  • -System_server from Fugu tweaks
  • -System_server from android 4.0 for efficient system funcionality and performance
  • -System processes priority tweaks Makes switching between Dialer & Mms faster

Image quality:

  • -Bravia hack

If you cannot install this properly and incase you brick your mobile , here is tutorial to repair it and make it work properly .


Rom : here

Pre -Requisities : -

1. A rooted android mobile. If you dont know how to root , know it here 
2. You need to have clockwork mod recovery installed . Check this article to install it and to know how to use it to install custom ROM
3. Now you have to go through your phone and enable Unknown sources in settings >applications>unknown sources and also enable USB debugging from settings>applications>development>USB debugging .
4. I recommend you to have atleast have 70 % charging before starting this procedure .

How To Install :-

1. Connect your android mobile to pc and copy the file to the root of your sd card (root means copy to sd card do not store in any folder) .
2. Now take out your android and then make sure you have already rooted and battery is atleast 70% charged .
3. Now shut down your mobile and boot to recovery mode (i.e., press volume up button+menu button+ power button while starting the mobile .) 
4. Here select wipe data /reset and select yes when prompted . Also select wipe cache partition and select yes.
5. Now select Install from sd card and then select update from sd card .
6. Here select the NeoX BlackStar X2.zip you have copied from pc and select yes when prompted .
7. Then let it install and leave it unil it installs .
8. After installation , it again goes to main menu where you select reboot now .
9. This time reboot takes 5-10 minutes and dont panic when it takes that much time .
10. You have succesfully instaled your custom ROM on mobile .

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