Amazing lightweight music player called "Vanilla" for Android with a lot of functions.You may have met him in he's not popular in area of Play Store or ​​in the web, but I am saying that this music player is incomparably good in comparison with others.Sometimes the popularity is not the best we can be expected.

Most of great features: 

- Swipe Up Action
- Swipe Down Action
- Cover Tap Action
- Cover Long Press Action
Qther feature is the greatest has integrated Volume Booster feature for phones with low volume therefore if you have a problem with weak sound when playing your favorite songs on your phone this application will satisfy all your needs, also for those who don'tinstall sound booster mods like Beats Audio enhancement.
note: volume booster in App only working when your music player is turned on, will not boost your Incoming call ringtone or system tones only in itself. 

Download :

Vanilla music Player : here
Skin : here

Inaddition to those features , you can change the skin , create your own theme . To know how, see below .

how to change the skin of the widget?

  • just put ur theme.krbl on /sdcard/VanillaMusic/dcsmstheme/[place it here] 
  • open the apps.. press menu go to setting/widget skin .. tap on the theme u wanna use then choose apply..
  • go to ur homescreen. add dcsmsmusic widget...

how to create ur own theme

  • just extract those sampletheme.krbl using 7zip or another archieve manager and change the image and desc.xml
  • frame.png is the frame for the widget
  • mask.png is the mask area for the music cover

in desc.xml
  • -coverx is the left value for cover padding from the widget
  • -covery is the top value for cover padding from the widget
  • -tinggi is the height size of the cover
  • -lebar is the width size of the cover

select the /theme and desc.xml > send to zip and rename it to urthemename.krbl

Screenshots :

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