Bloatware is nothing but unused and mostly useless apps on our mobile . So , if you remove them , you can increase memory and make your mobile work faster .
Source : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2303856
Developer : xXx~~~SHLOK~~~xXx

Description :

Bloatware are the apps that are useless . It might be differnent for different people. But this apps removes mostly all the apps and leaves your mobile with minimalist amount of apps that make your device run faster and better. I have been using this script for mostly all roms and it works well. It Makes your work a lot easier by just deleting a lot of apps in seconds.

Warning:  this app will remove a lot of apps and widgets so you might like to have a nanodroid backup ready.

Download :

Bloatware remover : here

Procedure :

 You need to root your mobile before using this , If you have not rooted go here 

1.Turn off your phone by pressing the power button
2.Go into recovery mode by pressing and holding the three keys (for samsung galaxy y) - Volume up, Power button and the home button
3.You should flash with CMW 
4.select install zip from sd and select cmw zip file
5.First go to mounts and storage- Mount system
6. Install zip from sd card then selct zip
7.after flashing zip go to advanced and clear davilex cache
8. Then fix permission.

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