This is a tutorial for you guys to understand about init.d, its importance and how to install it . While posting some articles about tweaks , there is a requisite of Enable init.d support . Thats why i am posting this with help of articles from xda developers .
Source : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1933849
Developer : Ryuinferno

What is init.d?

Init.d plays an important role in the world of Android development and customization It allows users to install scripts and mods to be run at boot—everything from battery tweaks to performance tweaks. It essentially opens the door to a world of mods only possible through the Init.d process, which in turn is usually only available on custom kernels.

Do I have init.d support?

Well, here is a way to test:
1. Download the file from here
2. Extract the file, you will get a file named 00test. DO NOT flash!
3. Paste it into /etc/init.d. If there is no init.d folder, most probably you DO NOT have init.d support. However, if you still wanna try, just create the folder named "init.d"
4. Change the permissions of the init.d folder and 00test into rwxrwxrwx.
5. Reboot.
6. If you see a file named Test.log in /data, you have init.d support. If not, you will have to run Uni-init, Term-init or Zip-init.

Now as you have known whether or not you have init.d support , you can install it . But first lets know much about what it does ..


  • - Utilises install-recovery.sh (if your kernel supports that, but of course, but most do...) to enable init.d scripts (busybox run-parts required)
  • - Will add lines in install-recovery.sh if it already exists (will not replace install-recovery.sh because certain apps such as Link2SD requires that to work), creates it if it doesn't
  • - Creates the init.d folder with correct permissions
  • - Adds 2 init.d scripts: one for testing (shows time of execution), another to ensure that the scripts in init.d folder always have the correct permissions
  • - Adds sysinit in /system/bin, will add the required lines if it already exists
  • - Deletes duplicate files and lines to ensure the least of errors

Download :

Uni-init : here

Pre-Requisities :

  • Cmw and root already installed . To root go here and for cmw go here .
  •  busybox installed . If you dont have download from here (Install apk , open and then select normal install) and please reboot after installing before running this script......use "normal install" method, don't use "smart install"...


1. Download the apk.
2. Install the apk like any normal app.
3. Launch the app.
4. The rest are pretty self-explanatory...
5. You can uninstall the app after that...

**To check whether init.d is really working or not, reboot your phone and navigate to /data...you should find a Test.log in there...If it is present, congrats, you have a WORKING init.d support! 

Screenshots :

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