This package of binaries, scripts and libraries, will fix the lags on your Android smartphone or tablet, and make it smoother and faster!
Source : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2226373
Developer : slaid480

Features and Improvements :

- Full memory management with 5 different configs.
- Zipalign apps in "/system" at every boot, and apps in "/data" every 48 hours.
- CPU governors tweaks and improvements for better performance and battery life.
- Increased SD Card read-ahead cache to 2048 KB to improve SDCard write/read speed.
- Nos entropy seeder generator engine used to reduce lags.
- Ad blocking.
- Battery life improvements.
- SQLite and database optimizing every 48 hours.
- Network TCP tweaks.
- Kernel, VM and sysctl tweaks and improvements.
- File system speedup.
- Build.prop tweaks and improvements.
- Cleans log files and tombstones at every boot.
- Many other tweaks for better performance and battery life!

Download :

Fly on Mod : For stock rom
Fly on Mod : For Cynogen mod based roms
Uninstaller : here

Requirements :

- Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) and higher.
- Kernel with init.d support.
- Root.  To root go here
- ClockworkMod.  for cmw go here .

How to install :

1. Download the flashable zip.
2. Rebooting into recovery mode.
3. Go to install zip from sdcard, then choose zip from sdcard
4. Install Signed_Fly-On_Mod_V3.0.zip stock or CM according to your ROM.
5. Reboot and feel the smoothness!

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