This is an interesting app and can be used in many ways . I am showing an example of answering a comment so that you can understand it better .

Q) How to change the sounds i dont like (ex: battery charging ) using root explorer ?

Requirements :

1. Root is needed .If you dont know how to root go here .
2. Download root explorer from here .
Google Play link : here
Apk File : here

Instructions :

1. Before doing anything, download the rom you are using now and extract it using winrar . Then find a folder called system /media /audio . There you will find many song files . Copy them to your mobile sdcard .
2.Now install root explorer and open it . 
3. Now go to system /media/audio and you will find many tones .
4. There would be a button at the top Mount R/W touch it .
5. Now delete the song file which you want to change the file and copy into that another file which you have taken from your downloaded rom .
6. After copying the file, long press and select permissions . It would be like this .

7. Then change the ticks as shown below .  
8. Restart and if you have donw it correctly , the sound would change .

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