What is nandroid backup ?

A Nandroid backup is a complete copy of everything that’s on your Samsung Galaxy. It is often used to restore the phone to a working state should you run into problems with your device. The difference between a regular backup and a Nandroid backup is that the latter does not only back up basic account data but also backs up everything else that’s on the device: the ROM, apps, settings, and all your files.

Why do we need nandroid backup ?

When you hack a Samsung Galaxy, creating a Nandroid backup before you do anything else is absolutely invaluable. In fact, responsible hacking cannot be done without it. So the first step to take before making modifications to your mobile’s operating system or before installing (called flashing) custom made firmware, is always to create a Nandroid backup. If you brick your device or if something else goes wrong, you can always reverse all actions by restoring from the Nandroid backup. This means you should create a backup every time before you make modifications!

NOTE : Make sure your battery is charged and is atleast 70% . You also need to root your mobile before you try to create nandroid backup .

How to create a nandroid backup ?

1. Download rom manager from here and install it .
            Google play link : here
            Apk File            : here

2. Open it and in the BACKUP AND RESTORE section tap on Backup Current ROM as shown in the below figure .

3. After the process is completed,your mobile will restart .And during restart , it may enter recovery mode and ask you whether to restore rom this backup . Use the Volume down button to select “Yes – Disable recovery flash” and confirm with the Home button.
4. You have successfully created a nandroid backup for your mobile .

How to restore from nandroid backup ?

1. Go to cmw recovery mode .
2. Select backup and restore .
3. Select the backup you created and then select yes .
4. Your mobile would back up to normal state .....

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  1. You can just use CWM to do the back up, it will backup and also restore everything except SD card, easy fast and does everything you want for perfect backup! ;)