I got many complaints on the custom roms mostly about the wifi not working . Its because when we change the custom roms , sometime we may get boot loop and some time we may damage the wifi driver . So here i am posting this article to help people who had damaged wifi driver .

We have basically two kernels -stock kernel and custom kernel . Some custom roms use the stock kernel and some use stock kernel (mostly white kernel ) and some create own custom kernel . So for all these versions , i am posting wifi drivers which i heard there are problems . So please try these if you have any problems ...

Symptoms :

1. It may show force close or error when ever we try to start wifi .
2. Wifi showing that its working , but in MAC address says unavailable .

Download :

Wifi driver for stock kernel : here
Wifi driver for custom kernel (white kernel ) : here
Ex : USSR V9 
Wifi driver for custom kernel : here
Ex : Nemesis one rom

NOTE : If you dont know what your custom kernel is try flashing wifi driver for white kernel (middle one ) . If it is custom rom and you have a wifi problem , it would be mostly white kernel . If it doesnt work try others  ....

Instructions :

  • Press vol. up+home+lock button and wait for stock recovery to appear
  • In recovery mode touch screen is disabled so you must use with vol up and down key
  • In stock recovery select apply update from sd card and select cwm
  • Go to mounts and storage and mount everything.(If you havent already mounted )
  • go to install zip from sd card>>> chose zip from sd card>>> Select the zip file you downloaded
  • After the installation select reboot .

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  1. how can i download this on my pc and put it in my pone

    como descargo EL programa la pc y después pasarlo al celular?

  2. hey please update the link.. I m in love with this rom but wifi not working..and i am not able to download wifi drivers from above links..please help

    1. please contact me here... catrawalkar@gmail.com

    2. The links are working . I think there is no problem with them . Open it , click continue , skip ad and you can download it ..

    3. plz say how can i download this wifi file

    4. Select the kernel you are using ,then download and flash it

  3. Thank you for a great post, stock rom worked on my Galaxy Pocket

  4. should i mount usb storage also

  5. Thank you for the awesome wifi driver ,it worked on my galaxyy