Hai Guys , there are many posts in this site for games , apps and tweaks . One of my friends asked me to post an article for popular ringtones . So here are some of most popular ringtones now a days . There would be no ranking but i am posting 10 which i liked most .

Pepsi IPL Ringtone :

"Jampak japang " - the ipl 6 theme song with some nicely choreographed steps  . We hear it every day while seeing the matches and think it would be better for ringtone . Here it is ..

Download : here

GTA San andreas :

Oh,come on . I need nt tekk you about this game . All of us had played it . This i the title music while starting game everytime .

Download : here

AR Rahman Best (Sakhi ) :

This is remixed perfectly for the best work of oscar winner AR Rahman in the movie sakhi .

Download : here

Nokia Lumia 800 HQ :

This is the theme ringtone of nokia lumia .

Download : here

Dairy Milk (Kiss Me ) :

I think you all remember this tune ..

Download : here

Galaxy S3 Original :

Galaxy S3 original theme tune ..

Download : here

Coco Cola Haan Mein Crazy Hoon :

Its becoming more popular because of Alia Bhatt ...

Download : here

Iphone 5 Original Tune :

I think the picture explains it all ...

Download : here

Mr.Bean Theme (Animated and normal )

I loved this show as a child and now i am planning to put its theme as ringtone .

Download : normal theme
                  Animated theme

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