I posted custom roms to give you jelly bean and icecream sandwich experience . But nothing can beat Apple IOS exprience . So here i am posting a rom INFINITY V1 developed by hacker0377 (xda developers ) and step by step procedure for installing it . So install it and enjoy ......

Warning : This Custom Rom is only meant for Samsung galaxy y model gt-s5360. Use it at your own Risk we will not be held responsible for what ever happens to your device. The information provided here is only for instructional and educational purpose.


1. iOS experience everywhere in Message,Music,Camera.Radio,Browser an more.
2. 15 toggle
3. Less ram usage
4. Modded to 3 types of ROM
       (a)iOS S-ROM with Hell-Fusion#80,
       (b)iOS S-ROM with white 1.3.3 with new WiFi Driver by Whitexp,
       (c) iOS S-ROM without Kernel 
5. Fast boot
6. More than 20 tweaks in build prop
7. Cyanogenmod 7 theme like installing Cyanogenmod7
8. Apple Boot-animation.
9. iOS user interface ( UI.)
10. Fast Web browsing through 3G tweaks
11. Intelligent Widgets like Jelly Bean(only on Espire Launcher)
12. and find out more yourself

Screenshots :


If you cannot install this properly and incase you brick your mobile , here is tutorial to repair it and make it work properly .

Download :

     DeodexDXLF1 : here
     INFINITY S-ROM V1.zip : here
     INFINITY S-ROM V1[White 1.3.3] : here
     INFINITY S-RomV1[No Kernel].zip : here
Extra apps :     
     Unlocker : here
     Compass : here

Pre -Requisities : -

1. A rooted android mobile. If you dont know how to root , know it here 
2. You need to have clockwork mod recovery installed . Check this article to install it and to know how to use it to install custom ROM
3. Now you have to go through your phone and enable Unknown sources in settings >applications>unknown sources and also enable USB debugging from settings>applications>development>USB debugging .
4. Highly Important 
1)You have to install deodexed stock rom before you can install this rom .
2)This is very important . You cannot install this rom on any custom rom or stock rom .
3)For this , you have to download odin 307 from here
4)Now download S5360_DXLF2_OLBLG1_DXLF1.ZIP package from here
5)Now extract the zip file and there you will find PDA file ,MODEM file and GT-S file .
6)Now shut down your mobile and enter download mode (press volume down button + menu button + power button at the same time )
7)Open odin in pc and connect your mobile . It will recognise it .
8)Now Select
           (a)PDA button – look for the file with the letters PDA or CODE on it,
               like PDA_S6102XXXXX.tar.md5 (also .tar support)
            (b) PHONE button- look with the word MODEM file,
              like MODEM_S6102XXXXX.tar.md5 (also .tar support)
           (c)CSC button – associated also with letters CSC or Multi_CSC,
               like GT-S6102OXXXXX.tar.md5 (also .tar support)  
           and then press start . It will take care of other things .
9)Now again root your mobile and install cmw .


1. First download DeodexDXLF 1 and then copy it to mobile . Then reboot to recovery mode (pressing volume up + Home + power button together ) and then open cmw recovery.
2. Wipe data and wipe everything . Now select 'choose zip from sdcard ' and select the file you copied .
3. Now reboot .Select any of the three infinity s-rom and download it . Now copy it to mobile .
4. Reboot and enter recovery mode again .Now in stock Recovery mode select "apply update from sdcard" navigate to root directory of sdcard and select "cwm_bla_bla.zip" file now your phone will run in CWM Recovery.
5. Then select the option " mount and storage" ok check whether /system is mounted or not if not mount it after mounting press power button to go back.
6. Then go to "install zip from SD" and choose "choose zip from SDcard" 
7. Then navigate through the folder where you have saved the "iOS S-ROM v1.zip" and select it and yes. 
8. Wait for the process to be completed, then reboot system by selecting reboot system now.
9. That's all you are done.

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  1. hi.. I did all the above steps.. but still the apple logo keeps flashing on my phone... Is there any way out?

    1. no its just went to the boot loop go to the recovery and wipe data and wipe factory reset
      then reboot ur phone

  2. i was also tried. but not succeded.

  3. Yes . This rom is getting many complaints . I will post another method of getting ios appearance . If any one try and succeed , please comment here and the way they installed it . Thank you

    1. it worked!!., just follow all the instructions with common sense and it will work!!.. LOL

    2. If i Install Ios on Galaxy y Then I Can use Ios app on it ??

  4. working to my sgy gt-s5360 perfectly thankyou so much

    1. Thnx for letting us know bro ... please tell us the method and rom u used

  5. working to my sgy gt-s5360 perfectly thankyou so much but the system must be -not mount-

  6. will i be able to change the language to french?

  7. have tried alot of times but have failed. keeps getting stuck on the boot logo!! i have used odin to flack back my stock ROM! plz help!! i really want this ROM! im using sgy gt 5360! plz help ;(

    1. try the kernel version . If it doesnt work leave it . It worked for some people only . Why dont you try monochromatic malifice rom

  8. Muito obrigado deu tudo certo aqui

  9. Replies
    1. I think you have to wipe everything not only the data and cache partition but also the dalvick cache and wipe battery stats you can found it in advance. that's what I did why I successfully installed this infinity ROM. :)

  10. what are the languages ​​that have? Brazil is Portuguese?

  11. Where is my netwok

    iphone chahiye tha ipod nahi bhai

  12. how to disable the vibration? Help

  13. do i need to download the "iOS S-ROM v1.zip" ?
    5. Then select the option " mount and storage" ok check whether /system is mounted or not if not mount it after mounting press power button to go back.
    6. Then go to "install zip from SD" and choose "choose zip from SDcard"
    after that what should i choose?

  14. is it necessary to install deodexed stock rom??
    im getting bug as keypad force closing..
    oe else where can i download that DeodexDXLF 1??
    in mediafire link which you have uploaded, it says that the post has been deleted, where else can i get it??
    thank you in advance

    1. You need t have deodexed rom . try this method http://ilovegalaxyy.blogspot.in/2013/09/deodexodex-how-why.html

    2. is it necessary that i need to use only DeodexDXLF 1 rom? or can i use Gingerbread_Custock-DXLF1 rom?
      i am unable to download this DeodexDXLF 1. mediafire says that this file has been deleted.

    3. you can use any rom but it must be deodexed

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.