I posted you custom roms which need root to get ics customization on galaxy y . It is risky as it need rooting which void the guarantee and i heard many complaints bricking their mobile as small mistake may brick your mobile while installing custom roms .

Thats why i am posting a method in which you have to install some apps which give you the feel of ics on your mobile ..

Downloads :

ICS Clock  :                   here
Gallery ICS :                  here
Widget Locker :             here
Messaging Ics :               here
Camera ICS+ :               here
Ics File Explorer :            here
Status Bar + :                  here
exDialer :                         here
Music :                            here
Full Screen Caller -BIG : here
( This is a rar file . extract it and you will find big caller and its unlocker )
Holo Launcher                here

How to Install :

1. Firstly download all of the above apps and install all of them except holo launcher .
2. Now install holo launcher and customize the desktop and taskbar short cuts by putting the shortcuts of apps you install instead of the system apps .
3. Now open menu and go to options . Now select hide app .
4. And dont forget to untick the notifications in the settings of default sms else you will get double notifications.
5. There select all the system apps and hide them . Now you can find only installed apps . 
6. Now open each of the above installed apps and customize them the way you want .
7. If you set all of them , your mobile will look like the given screenshots ......

Screenshots :

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  1. How to revert it back to normal? Can I uninstall after installing?

  2. U can directly uninstall the files from system uninstaller as normal and it would be reverted

  3. Hey thanks for the help was looking for this over a month now and finally found . Just wanted to ask if there is any ics looking contacts app for galaxy y as there are many but none is compaticle

    1. By installing exdialer you can also get contacts app . And there are many themes available for it . You can download and install the one you like .