We have been using the same boot animation since the purchase of Galaxy Y. Aren't You bored of it ?
If yes , i am posting a technique to change the booting . Follow the below steps . 

Downloads :-

Root explorer : here

Installation :-

1. Firstly install the file root explorer into your mobile . I have given its link above .

2. Now go to the link for boot animation files and there would be a list of animation files which you can preview and then download.

3. Select anyone of them and download it .

4. Now copy it to the root of sdcard .

5. Now open root explorer and goto sdcard and copy the boot animation file you have downloaded.

6. Goto /system/media/, mount it in r/w mode. Then paste it there.

7. Change permissions as below if asked .
8. Reboot and you would have your favourite animation 

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