Galaxy Y is a low end smart phone which doesnt give us many options for games . So we have to try some softwares given by developers to play the games we like . Here i am posting you a method to play play station 1 games on SGY ..

For this technique , we need FPse emulator and i will clearly give you instruction on how to install it
FPse for Android is the fastest and most compatible PSone emulator for handheld devices.

Features :

-High performance
-High compatibility
-High sound quality
-Real-time save states
-Audio track emulation (using .cue files)
-Dynamically loadable Overlay Pads
-Guncon emulation
-Analog Stick emulation
-Compatible with G-Sensor, Touchscreen and Hardware keys
-Supports .img, .iso, .bin, .cue, .nrg , .mdf and .Z disc image formats
-Full Support for IcontrolPAD, BGP100,Zeemote (via Bluez IME)
-OpenGL support via external plugin!

Download :

Install Apk : apk
Bios File : bios

How To Use :

1.Download the apk and bios file first and copy them to your sd card .
2. Now install Fpse and when it asks select the bios file you have downloaded .
3. Now go to the third link and there you will find many games . Select some and copy them to your sdcard .
4. Now again open the Fpse and select the rom you have downloaded under load game option .
5. Before it you may change the controls, graphics and other settings .
6. Now play any game you want on your mobile you like ...............

Video :

Screenshots :

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  1. Never asked me for Bios file when i open apk it is jus black screen

    1. It should work fine . I am posting video also if you have any doubt .

  2. is this app install with the help of system recovery becouse fpse is showing incompatible format?