We have one only font on galaxy y . If we want to change it , we are stuck to go to internet and pay the amount and download them . So i am here posting a technique and some fonts for you to download . enjoy different font styles on your lovely galaxy y  ...........

Different font styles along with download links :

                                                                Font : arch rival

                                                                    Font :  Beaulieux

                                                                Font :    choco cooky 

Font :   grantham

                                                              Font :    sagoe 

                                                              Font : Gabrielle

Instructions :

1. Select any of them and download by clicking on their names as links are attached to their names .
2. Some of them are .apk files and some are .rar files . So if you had downloaded .rar files , extract them.
3. Now copy them to sd card or any folder in it .
4. Now install the font you copied .
5. Go To Settings>Display>Screen Display>Font style. Then Select Your Font
6. Now restart your mobile and enjoy the new font . I'm sure you would love it .......

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