Rufus, the bravest of them all, has taken up the hefty battle of rescuing his space Hell – moon from the indestructible bad monster who is super starved for eternity.

 This dead trigger was pulled when the bad monster went on his dead troll slaying animals and birds of his space with his sharp pointed Jaws . At that very moment, Rufus like a responsible zookeeper knew that his troop will have to be bad ass warriors as this cannot go on for eternity and his vengeance triggered this battle for life. Rufus knows that this is a dead run not a joyride but if planned smartly can still buy him the title of monster slayer. He is not just brave but also very super smart slayer as he has dished out an amazing jungle run to save his space from the jaws of indestructible. He has dug bad pits and parked stones for the dragon to make it a difficult jungle run for this bad monster to catch him dead but he has have a clear vision and not to be a slayer of his own plan. The deadly monster has been shedding blood with his razor sharp jaws triggering blood shed in Hell - moon turning it into dead space, the animals and birds thinks of the dragon as indestructible. They have made peace being slayed as the eternal target just like the Bad Piggies of Angry Birds but Rufus is a determined slayer . In this vengeful exile Rufus seeks help from others and no one but one angry bird Tutu decides to take up this battle with him against this dragon . This dead run is the story which can trigger anarchy - temples running and hearts throbbing game where Rufus’s vengeance is to see this apparently indestructible, bad monster dead. The spirits are high and nothing bad can happen. Will this be written as the story telling rise of glory or fall of the vengeance laden warriors ?
From the makers of Angry Temple Gorilla, Dead Run: Brave is going to be another jungle run story available for free. This Jungle run game has amazing new features and interesting surprises like sparkly gems and parachute goodies as you go along. Watch as these special gifts trigger Rufus to outperform the bad chaser and extend the lead to score higher . There is a separate temple of achievements and awards where the fastest will have the glory . It is a joyride that everyone wants to get on to. For all you Android gamers out there – Dead Run: Brave is sure to get you playing !

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