In android mobiles , battery is a head ache . we need to know how much battery is remained in it everytime we install or use an app . There is no stock application to tell about it clearly . So here is an application that reminds us of battery and can make our desktop look beautiful . It is T.E.A.M BATTERYBAR.........

Do you want to ALWAYS have an estimation of how much battery you got left?
Even on fullscreen apps like games or gallery?
And have you by any chance tried MiUI in the past and you miss a certain eye-candy of it?
Yell Welcome to Battery Bar!
You can now easily set a bar with customisable height, location, colors (it can even change according to battery level) and animations.

You won't believe how convenient it is until you try it yourself!

Features include

1. 100% Ad Free (always will be), No fishy Permissions Required!
2. Charging Animation
-Select Animation type (lots of options with more to come)
3. Full Screen detection
-Option to hide the bar with the Statusbar
-Compatibility for Older / Custom Phones
4. Selectable Colours
-Static Color
-Auto-Magicaly Colour any number of combinations and levels
-Charge Colour
-Empty Colour
-Auto Detection of screen Width ( Bar works in Portrait and Landscape Mode on any phone!)
5. Selectable Height
6. Selectable Alignment
- Top or Bottom of the screen
- Under Status Bar
- Left, Center or Right Align

To use Simply start the service, configure the colors and options to your liking  and Enjoy!

Download :

Google play (trial ) : https://play.google.com/store
Apk : here

Screenshots :

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