This is a biggest collection of android games which includes hd games and emulators too . All of these do not work on galaxy y ,but most of these work . So try these you will love it for sure......

Downloads :

Torrent Link : http://kat.ph/400-android-games-collection

Torrent Client : http://bittorrent.en.softonic.com/
For Mobile : https://play.google.com/store/apps/

Instructions :

1. First download and install the torrent client on your pc or mobile .

2. Now go to the torrent link and click on DOWNLOAD TORRENT button present on the page .

3. If it asks any permissions,click allow .

4. Now a torrent file would be downloaded to your pc or mobile .

5. Open it and the torrent client will open asking permissions

6. Accept them and click next . Now the torrent will download silently .

7. You may close the window also . It will remain downloading in the taskbar .

8. It will prompt you after download is completed and then go to the downloaded folder and copy and install the apps you like into your mobile ......

Whats in it :

400 Android Games Collection + HD + Emulators [PAID APPS ONLY]
 (Size: 1.86 GB)

Psx4droid2.Playstation1.apk2.93 MB
Psx4droid.Playstation1.v1.7.apk2.88 MB
SNesoid.Snes.apk876.78 KB
GameBoid.GameboyAdvance.apk522.81 KB
Nesoid.Nes.apk395.21 KB
Gensoid.SegaGenesis.apk290.33 KB
GBCoid.GameboyColor.apk195.82 KB
Free roms - RomHustler.net.rtf360 bytes
Evac.HD.v1.0.apk20.71 MB
Monopoly.Classic.HD.apk17.99 MB
Everlands.HD.v1.5.apk14.91 MB
A5.HD.apk12.52 MB
Radiant.HD.apk10.84 MB
Colorix.HD.apk8.18 MB
Totemo.HD.apk5.89 MB
Buka.HD.apk5.2 MB
Fifa.HD.v1.0.40.apk1.72 MB
CrazyPenguinCatapult.HD.v1.19.apk1.66 MB
ASTRO.Pro.Key.v1.0.1.apk14.87 KB
ReadMe - DroidIP.rtf2.98 KB
Torrent Downloaded from DroidIP.rtf

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