I am not responsible for bricked devices or broken hearts. You cannot blame me for bricking your dear device. Please do some research if you have concerns about the features included in this mod. Follow the steps carefully, and you may successfully install this mod.

Screenshots :


Xperia NxT MoD v2.0 : 
SIZE = 41.63 MB
Link : xperia


AROMA Installer :

The Xperia NxT MoD v2.0 is integrated with AROMA Installer by Amalruzz for easier installation and compatibility with almost All GingerBread Devices

==> Download the file and Put in your SD Card
==> Go To CWM Recovery
==> Mount System, Data (under mounts and storage menu)

Note : Leave It Alone if Already Mounted

==> Flash the zip file.
==> Then Follow the Below Instructions.

AROMA Instructions:

This Step-By-Step Guide will help beginners to install Xperia NxT MoD in their devices…
Press Next to Go to the Next Screen/Step and Back to the Previous Screen/Step.

1)Theme Selector :
Choose your favorite theme among the Five Themes.
(Generic, MIUI, ICS, MIUI4 & Sense)

2)Welcome Screen :
Shows the details of Xperia NxT MoD.

3)Agreement :
Read and Check the Xperia NxT MoD Agreement.

4)Changelog :
The Xperia NxT MoD Change log .

5)Installation Type : (Important)
Select the Installation Type You Want :

•Default (For Samsung Galaxy Y)
Contains all the Xperia NxT MoD features.

•Minimalist (For Samsung Galaxy Y)
Excludes additional features like Xperia Home Launcher, Xperia Dialer, Xperia Mms apps. All other features included.

•For CM7 Roms (For All CM7 Roms)
Includes features which will work only on CM7. For Example, The Xperia S CM7 Theme.

•For Other Devices (For All Devices)
For Compatibility with All GingerBread Devices.

6)Ready To Install :
Choose if you want to reboot your device after installing the mod.
Recommended to Reboot the device.

7)Installation :
The Installation will take place. Please wait until completed.
Press Next after Install Finishes.

8)Final Step :
The Last Step after informs the Installation was Successful.

For CM7 Theme:

==> Open Theme Chooser app.

==> And Select Xperia S Theme.

==> You will get it…

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  1. hi i downloaded it and installed it and how to apply the the theme to my galaxy y

  2. after installation , open aroma installer present in yourmenu .There you can change your theme