Ok Guys .. Now comes the third part of live wallpaper collection .

Cubescape 3d Live :-

A wall of pulsating cubes with tap reactivity and advanced per-pixel lighting. Customisation includes

• Colour themes, choose any colour
• Speed, displacement
• Lighting options
• Tap to swap colours
• Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) Daydream support
• OpenGL Hardware accelerated graphics
• Performance adjustments to suit all devices

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://rapidgator.net/file/22169Cubescape_3D_Live_Wallpaper_v1.1.2.apk.html

Good Point : Snow Boarding :-

Automatic time of day, custom hero's outfit, camera effects and more! Now with animated snow and fog!
We present you a series of live 3D wallpapers called "Good Point".
In a "Snowboarding" set we have tried to convey the energy of free flight and the beauty of the mountainous landscape.
Main features:
★ You can set automatic or fixed time of day.
★ You can select male or female character.
★ You can Change every part of the hero’s outfit: jacket, pants and accessories. Tons of combinations
★ You can Choose your snowboard. Each with unique design!
★ You can turn on/off animated snow and fog!
★ You can turn on depth of field effect simulation to get nice blurry background.
★ Good Point wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on phones.

              DOWNLOAD LINK : http://vedroid.net/live-wallpapers/gpshd.apk

Ocean Acquarium 3D :Turtles isle

"Ocean Aquarium 3D: Turtle Isle" is an interactive Live Wallpaper. Outstanding high quality 3D graphics now available on Android phones & tablet devices!
List of main features. Here we go! 
★ Animated ocean;
★ Animated interactive fish, turtles & little crab;
★ Smart control - you can tilt camera up & down to change appearance on the go;
★ Time of day changŠµ (just beautiful);
★ Fully customizable upper and underwater scenery;
★ Various camera modes including zoom up to 1.5x;
★ Power saving system based on direct FPS control;
★ Social Share button and more.

Love Letters Pro :

The perfect Valentine's Day live wallpaper!
Romantic imagery and phrases hand-drawn across your screen! Choose how much is drawn at a time, how fast, and what colors to use.
Choose from a variety of built in themes:
+ Candy Coated
+ Chilly
+ Chocolate
+ Graffiti
+ Hearts
+ Subtlety
+ Watermelon

             DOWNLOAD LINK : http://mirrorstack.com/tupflwqtvt14

Water Drops Plus :

Water Drops simulates water in a pool on any wallpaper. You can use the default pool tile background or customize the wallpaper. You can let the drops fall on it automatically, or tap to create new drops.
* Custom background
* Different reflection styles
* Quality/battery control
* Automatic drop rate adjustment
* Different drop sizes
* Selectable animation speed
* Zoom in on background

          DOWNLOAD LINK : http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/37465189/file.html

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