Even if we apply themes to our mobile , its beauty is mainly increased because of wallpapers . If we use live wallpapers , the android would be the cutest thing in the world . Here are some of the live wallpapers and their links for download . DOWNLOAD AND ENJOYYYYYYYYYY.

This is first part of collection . I will try to post more parts shortly.....

Planets Pack 1.3 :-

In our galaxies, Inferno, Ice, Pegasus, Colossus ... There are many of the lost planets, I decided to find some of them. I wonder myself what can be found there ...Currently we have 9 planets, all are 3D with many options to set

HOW TO USE: ( Same for all of the following)

If you check ON 'Time of day' checkbox, default saved themes will be loaded. Or you can set yours. Your saved themes will be automatically loaded on time. 
How set your :
1. Set your all settings, background, planets, modes... 
2. Save custom theme for selected hours, you see it on icons, blue is a key
3. Set ON 'Time of day' checkbox
4. Your saved themes will be automatically loaded on time

Fresh Leaves : -

The FRESH GREEN! Everything growing! Everything comes to life. The FRESH green in your phones and tablets also will visit...
...or you may set or compose NEW SEASON THEMES,
leaves for: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Fresh Leaves is live wallpaper. You may change backgrounds, on/off elements, and more ! All in 3D in realtime - it's not a movie.

Ocean HD :-

Dive down and immerse yourself in your own underwater world every time you use your device.Interact with the fish that swim nearby and the hidden treasure. Customize your dive experience with hundreds of combinations - hide the ship, change the treasure to a diving helmet, choose from 'Shallow Seas' or 'Coral Life' themes, and much more! This wallpaper is true 3D with hand-crafted artwork.

Galaxy S3 Dandelion Live wallpaper :-

Download the free Galaxy S3 Dandelion live wallpaper featuring flying seeds.
Now with "Water Droplet" effect! Enable this effect in the settings screen.
Touch or tap the screen to add water drops on your home screen!Our wallpaper contains "NO notification or icon ads"!! > Recently used this wallpaper and became fan of this . Its size is only 1.2 mb. Try it .

My Beach HD :-

My Beach HD is an Editor's Choice on Google Play!
Now with custom signs, custom airplane banners, automatic time of day based on location, Sunset, Dawn, Morning, Evening, Night time, fireworks, and more!Relax in the shade while waves froth at the shore of your very own stretch of secluded beach. Clouds float past a quaint lighthouse in the distance, and a boat gently rocks in the shallows. An airplane with your message drifts through the idylic scene.
Choose the sign message on the beach, or hide the sign altogether - it's all up to you! Watch closely, and you may even see a shark!

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