Galaxy Y is a superb smart phone . But it also has some drawbacks . IT has low battery life and it lags if we install more applications . And the ram is some what slow compared to other smart phones . So i posted this article to develop our SGY in the following ways .

1. Extra Battery Life
2. It increases the over all performance of the phone
3. you can install  as many application as you want.

So follow all of the steps posted below . 

Step 1 : Make partitions

Firstly , we have to make 3 partitions on sd card using your pc as shown below

 Step 2 : Install Custom Kernel (init.d support)

  • Visit this thread to download iDuos Kernel 1.3.1 
  • Download - > iDuos 1.3.1 Update.Zip
  •  After download CWM-try1.zip & iDuos 1.3.1_install.zip - - put to root of your sd card
  •  Boot Stock Recovery (Press & hold: Power + Volume Up + Home keys & release when sgy duos logo appears)
  •  Choose: apply update from sdcard
  • Choose: CWM-try1.zip
  • Choose: install zip from sdcard
  • Choose: choose zip from sdcard
  • Choose: iDuos 1.3.1_install.zip
  • Choose: Yes – Install …
  • Press Back key - - reboot system now
After reboot, check kernel (Settings --> About phone) :

Step 3: Root your device

We need to root the device to get all the super user permission follow this link for more information

Step 4 : Install link2sd

  • Now you have to install link2sd app from google play . The link is given below .
            LINK : link2sd
  • After download & Install Link2SD from Google play . Go to : Settings --> Applications --> Development --> Tick USB Debugging & Allow mock locations
  • Now open it and select settings option .
  • Here tick -"Auto Link " , " Auto Link Notification" and then open install location option .
  • In that tab select "external" and if it asks you to select file system on your card , select "ext3 " .
  • Now it will ask you to reboot . Reboot your mobile . 
Now you can place system apps on your memory card also . So you have more internal memory .

 Step5 :  Install A2SDGUI - Darktremor A2SD GUI

  • Download and install A2SDGUI - Darktremor A2SD GUI from here
  • Run A2SDGUI – if A2SDGUI can’t start..Don’t worry..
  • Reboot Your phone. Boot Stock Recovery (Press & hold: Power + Volume Up + Home keys & release when sgy duos logo appears) .
  •  Apply update from sdcard --> CWM-try1.zip --> install zip from sd card --> choose zip from sdcard --> dtapps2sd- --> Yes – Install --> Reboot system..
  • Download dtapps2sd- from here
  • Now run A2SDGUI.. It'll work . Here make sure you don't tick Dalvik Cache on SD-EXT..!!! and Dalvik Cache on /cache..!!!

Step 6 : Increase RAM speed

  • Download and install Swapper from here
  • Run Swapper Configuration --> Tick Active Swap on Boot --> Swap File Position: SD Card FAT Partition --> Swap file size: 200 --> Save – Wait until finish…!!!

Now after doing all these your galaxy y would turn into a high performance turbo phone . 

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  1. Is this method applicable to my Samsung Galaxy Y S5360?

  2. yes it is meant for galaxy y s5360

  3. any Side effects of it ?

  4. Will it work for S6102????

    and how to make partitions using pc
    and and can i make partitions on SD Card Using CWM???

    1. Yes , it'll work on s6102 . Go to disk management in pc . There you can make partitions ..