Gaming with Galaxy  Y is fun . But if we use it for using funny apps , It could be the funniest thing . So here are some funny apps that i recommend to use on SGY. I will post these in parts . This is as usual first part .

Face Swap 2.0 :-

Want to swap faces in a photo? Face Swap makes it so easy and fun to switch faces, everyone can do it!
Use it to amuse people at your next party, boring day at the office, or family get together. Swap the faces of your friends, co-workers, mom and dad, even your grandparents!
✔ Easy to use: Snap/Import -> Fine tune -> Save/Share
✔ Powerful controls for pixel perfect results: move, scale and rotate your masks.
✔ Universal app: Works on phones and tablets, both portrait or landscape mode
✔ Share your creations: Use any sharing option available on your device!
✔ Ad-free, no internet connection required, no intrusive permissions!

                 DOWNLOAD LINK : http://www.directmirror.com/files/FXCYLVUK

Ghost Cam : Spirit Photography :-

The best spirit photography app on Android market. Make your own ghost photograph in one touch! Customize your ghost and scare your friend or even yourself. 
Modify pictures in your gallery to add ghost into it. Create your ghost library and make your ghost photo unique! Haunt em, scare em, make em scream! Let's celebrate the Halloween with the most haunted app!


- Lots of ghost pictures available
- Automatic mode, make a ghost photograph by single click.
- Manual mode, design your own ghost photograph by yourself. Choose ghost, scale up/down the ghost, make it translucent, rotate/flip and drag it to anywhere in the picture that you see fit.
- Editing mode, modify pictures you already have on mobile gallery and add ghost image into it.
- Ghost editable. Erase some part with eraser tool and drag the ghost behind object.

               DOWNLOAD LINK : http://www.mediafire.com/?qk45v521ywdvpqb

Lets Create Pottery :-

 Pottery making ceramics has never been more simple and fun! Become a true artist and create "one of a kind" pottery items and share them with your friends! Throw the clay on the wheel, release all your artistic talents and take benefit of dozens of materials available in order to create your own design! Even when you glaze and fire your very first pot you will feel accomplished and relaxed as pottery is the best way to relieve your everyday stress and find your inner peace.
"The next best thing"- Gamezebo
"A brilliant time-waster" - Life of Android

"Fun tool for those of you who are creative." - Appolicious
"Definitely worth checking out" - DroidGamers

                            DOWNLOAD LINK : https://play.google.com/store/apps/

Talking Larry -The bird :-

Talking Larry the Bird is your whistling and talking bird friend. Play the piano keyboard and make Larry whistle a perfect tune. Say anything and Larry will repeat.
You can also poke him, feed him, strike him with lightning or make him bow and accept applause.
★★★ How to Play: ★★★
✔ Play on the piano keyboard and Larry will whistle.
✔ Talk and he will repeat everything you say.
✔ Poke him and he will not like it.
✔ Poke him in the head and he will spin.
✔ Give him seeds to eat.
                                          ✔ Strike him with lightning.

              DOWNLOAD LINK : http://www.mediafire.com/?evjer7eqcrbklbv

Angela's Valentine :-

Valentine day is coming . Celebrate it in the way of android . The best love story of angela and tom is here . Enjoy this valentines day with it ........................

Express your feelings differently this year. Be original and send beautifully designed Valentine's Day cards to those you love, may they be your friends, family, or partner.
Show your love, express your inner thoughts and make this Valentine's Day one your loved ones will remember. Don't be shy and don't hesitate, download the app now!
★★★ FEATURES ★★★ 
✔ Lovely animations of Tom kissing Angela. 
✔ 10 beautifully designed romantic postcards that you can send to your loved ones. 
✔ 2 smash hit music videos featuring Tom and Angela.
✔ Hours of fun and love.

             DOWNLOAD LINK : http://www45.zippyshare.com/v/56159488/file.html
             DOWNLOAD LINK : http://mirrorstack.com/g_71jxlwkxcqxx

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