Mobile Phone in water is mini heart attack for our generation . If it is android , we couldnt imagine our condition thinking of its cost and the damage water may cause . This is more common if you have kids at home . My friend's phone is drowned couple of times by his niece . So i am going to post the first aid to do after a cell gets wet . It may repair or atleast protect from occuring further damage .

Steps To Do :-

1. First stop panicking and take the mobile out of water . More exposure may damage it more . ( If it is charging, turn the main off and then take it out carefully .)

2. Now open it and take out battery and sim card . Battery may damage it more .

3. Make sure you take out other accessories out like sd card , ear guards and phone cases .

4. Now take a soft cloth or towel and dry out the total cell phone . You have clean it completely . Dont leave a single drop of water which comes at your eyesight .

5. Now clean other accessories and now you need a water absorbant .

6. For this , i recommend rice . Rice is present in every one's home and acts as a perfect water absorbant .

7. Now take a air tight box with lid . and put some rice in it . ( You can also place rice in polythene cover and seal it . It is also airtight ) .

8. Place the mobile and its battery in the box containing rice .

9. Leave it aside for atleast 1 day . DONT DISTURB IT BEFORE ONE DAY .

10. After waiting time is over , take out the cellphone and try to start it . If you are lucky, it may start and work normally .

11. If it doesnt start , some part is damaged or something . Better take it to the manufacturer .

12. You can open and also clean it . But for that you need star screwdriver and should handle very carefully . So i recommend follow the above steps .


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