I am going to post to you how to install a custom rom . But before that you have to know how to install clockwork mod recovery . Because with it , if you damage your mobile , you can get it to original mode . There are two methods always shown on network . People are always confused which one to use . But both are the same . In one method , you install it in system memory and backup your phone . In other you install it as a user app and then download your recovery rom . Your usage depends if you have internet on mobile or not . But i recommend you the first method because you may or maynot find your own model recovery rom in the net .

Let me tell you this method i recommend .

Pre requisities :-

1. A rooted android mobile. If you dont know how to root , know it here 
2. Now you have to go through your phone and enable Unknown sources in settings >applications>unknown sources and also enable USB debugging from settings>applications>development>USB debugging .
3. I recommend you to have atleast have 70 % charging before starting this procedure .
4. You need some space in the sd card to save the back up . Maintain atleast 1 gb free .

Installation :-

1 . Firstly you have to download the clockworkmod zip file from here .( For galaxy Y Duos , download from here .)
2. Now connect your mobile to pc and copy this file to root of card . ( I already told you about it. root means placing in the sd card directly i.e., not in any folder )
3. Restart your mobile and boot into recovery mode ( press power key+volume up key + menu key and release when you see reovery mode . )
4. Now press update from sd card and select cmw .zip .
5. It will then enter to recovery mode which would be used while installing custom rom . 
6. Restart your mobile . Clockwork mod recovery is installed .

How to use CMW for installing custom Roms ?

1. Now as you had followed all of my instructions for clockwork mod recovery , i will tell you how to use it for installing custom rom .

2. As you have installed cmw , you mobile will enter to clock work recovery mode rather than normal recovery mode . The difference is shown below.

3. You will find options like back up and restore here .

4. Now before you install custom rom , backup all your contacts , messages etc and wipe all data .

5. Then , prepare a nandroid back up using the back up button there .

6. This will help you to restore if you get into any trouble while installing rom .

How does clockwork mod recovery help if we get into any trouble ?

If you get into any trouble enter the clock work recovery mode and simply select restore and your android will be fine .

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  1. i dont get it... if you are entering recovery mode (volume up home button and power button) should you go directly to ClockWorkMod. ore are you first entering Android system recovere. from there you go to sd card bla bla bla and instal the CWM.zip again?????

    ps sorry for bad english

    pps please help me

  2. If You installed it correctly , you will directly go to cmw recovery mode ..else you may do it manually by opening the rar file again

  3. CWM File DOwnload Link not working.File has been removed.
    Please update the link.

    1. I updated the link. thanks for reminding me .

    2. hey i had installed the cwm v in my phone...
      will it be fine if i now use this file above it..?

    3. i mean i had installed v i use this now over it..?

    4. If you had already installed , then there is no need to install this now . Versions doesn't matter . But for your question , YES .

    5. can u plz tell me how can i make my phn as same as earlier it was......bcoz my status bar is not shown after this procedure...

    6. Go here http://ilovegalaxyy.blogspot.in/2013/02/how-to-repair-bricked-android-mobile.html

  4. hey i am totally new to this....so asking this is temporary ??? means first time when i install from sdcard then it goes to clockworkMod recovery......but whenever i reboot again then it again goes back to the original android system recovery..........

    1. yes .it is temp . keep the zip file with you and use when ever it is necessary

    2. Thanks for quick reply..........