If this doesn't work for you , you can also try another method here

Now i am going to tell you the other way of getting apk files from google play ie., through pc. This is a hard method and i am recommending to not do this if you are capable of getting internet on mobile. But if you only have internet on pc , then follow my instructions carefully .

1. Firstly you have to download google chrome whose version is less than 20 and greater than 17 . The extension we are about to apply is going to work in that version only . I am pasting the link of google chrome v18 offline installer here . We have to use offline installer because if it online then latest browser will be downloaded which does not support the apk extension.

DOWNLOAD LINK  :  chrome 18 offline

2.Now after installing it, do not open and then you have to disable its updates .Since once it is updated ,it does not support the extension . So follow the instructions carefully in the following link to disable updates in a google chrome.

3. Now you have to install the app device ID on your smart phone from google play . I am posting the download link here along with apk file .
APK FILE :                      DEVICE ID

4. After installing the device id , open it and then you will have login name and device id .( If you didnt get it , you possibly didnt register google play on your mobile . Register it first .)

5. Now the last work is that you have to install the apk downloader which is a extension available for google. LINK : http://adf.ly/Kxtjf

6. It will ask you permission and press continue ,then you will get a window like this .
  7. Here paste the login id and device id you got from your phone (refer point 4) and give your password and press login.

8. Now it will ask you country and mobile network . After filling them , click save changes and it is activated.

9. Now you may go to google paly and click on any app you want and athere would be a symbol like this as shown i the figure in your address bar at the right .

10. Click on it and your required apk is downloaded right away . It is 100% working . And if you have any doubts , dont hesitate to ask me.

(NOTE :- But this cannot be used to download any paid apps.)

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  1. while dowloading the apk downloader from ur given link... when i clicked it is says:apps,extensions and user scripts cannot be added from this website!! what to do pls help me ??

  2. thats why i told you to install 18 or lower version of chrome and disable updates . Unless it wouldn't work

  3. yea got it!!! but i am not able to download apps from google play it say : error cant download this app??? what to do nw??

  4. If the above method didnt work for you , You can see here http://ilovegalaxyy.blogspot.in/2013/03/how-to-connect-android-mobile-to.html and connect your android to internet and download directly form it .

  5. wow wonderful...very genius technique how this thought came to your mind :D

    1. I just shared it . I am not its creator . Thnx for your comment Sai Sandeep Cherry

  6. were to store the data files of any game in device.i have brought one new devie which is ka15 so can u tell sir were can save the data files of games like ironman 3 in my device please help me sir...:-?

    1. There would be a folder named Android<Data in your sd card . Save data in it