I had already posted top 10 apps , games and ringtones i considered the best . Now i  am going to post op 5 themes i considered the best that could work with Go launcher ex software which i had already mentioned in top 10 apps . We could easily get bored with the ginger bread even if we change wallpapers. The themes i am going to post give you a new look of your own galaxy y . So just for once go through the list . You wouldn't regret it.

5. Galaxy S3 theme

Galaxy s3 is launched by our samsung as a competition to apple iphone and windows mobiles . It is supr smooth as well as the theme . The theme is so good with some lovely wallpapers . This is user friendly theme. But it has only some icons and not all are changed by these . Install , it would be good.


4. Cyanogen mod theme

Cyanogen mod is a custom ROM released by the xda developers for the galaxy ace mobile phone . So some of the programmers created its theme and made it available for all of us . It brings pure 3d effects to your mobile . But it has some minor bugs . Else it would be flawless .


3. Galaxy S theme

You would be wondering i had already posted s3 theme and now s theme . But it was worth it . Both have their own unique ness . The only drawback is the annoying notifications . You may stop them by unchecking show notifications in the settings .


2. MacOS theme

I need not tell you the popularity of apple. It is the most wanted phone and mac is the most wanted OS. But we had took our choice with the galaxy y. But dont feel  , this theme helps us to enjoy the apple feel on our galaxy y .


1. Windows 7 theme 

Windows 7 is the most used operating system . A great developer created atheme for us giving its essence on our mobile . Frankly , this is by far the best theme i had ever used . I recommend you use it . There are no annoying adds in this. You can enjoy your phone to best by applying this .


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